Local Winery Starts Sunday + Pet Adoption this Week Only

Pozzuoli Winery and Vineyard


Tustin-based winery, Pozzuoli, joins the market this Sunday. Pozzuoli is a family-run operation. Enrico and Daniela Pozzuoli manage all operations from farming the vineyard in Paso Robles to final packaging of the wines to sell at their winery. Pozzuoli focuses on producing a small lot of high quality wines each year including a cabernet, moscato, sauvignon blanc, and more! Stop in to welcome them aboard this Sunday. Don’t worry, if you miss them Sunday, you can also find them at their tasting room at their winery in Tustin.

Farmer of the Month: Future Foods Farms


Future Foods Farms, located on 25 acres in Brea, California, produces food in 2,000-4,000 square-feet greenhouses and is one of the largest aquaponic farms in the state. Farmer and award-winning chef Adam Navidi operates Future Foods Farms and a new restaurant in Brea called Green 2 Go, focusing on building a community food experience through sustainable local modes of production and engagement.

Did you know you can also get fresh baked gluten-free goodies from Chef Adam too? Green Harvest is another one of Adam’s ventures that has quickly built a strong following for at the market. Check it out this Sunday!


Food Artisan of the Month: Ari’s Natural Foods


You haven’t had authentic Greek food until you’ve tried Ari’s! Authentic goat and sheep cheeses, yogurts, hummus, and tons more. Stop in for a sample. 

Recipe of the Month: Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Click photo below for recipe. Greek yogurt available from Ari’s, celery from Gaytan Farms, apples from Hillside Farms, and chicken from Da-Le Ranch. What a yummy lunch idea!

Pet Adoption this Sunday


Been thinking about adopting a pup? This Sunday Kriser’s For Your Pet’s All-Natural Life will be hosting a pet adoption at the market for Lovebugs Rescue. Stop by and shake a paw why don’t ya? This Sunday only!

See you at the market!

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